Cyber security architecture and where should you start with a small business

In the past 5 years, we have seen a large increase in cyber security threats and breaches. Cyber security architecture is no longer just for the big corporations. All businesses of all sizes will suffer if an attack hit them.

Cyber security architecture, as the name suggests, is the illustration of network topology and system design that are followed for the safe-keeping of information assets anywhere in the cyber world. An organization’s layout is not a standalone affair but should be planned with a view to defend against any kind of cyber attacks by its adversaries in the future. Being online means exposing your business data to a variety of threats no matter how secure it seems to be. Cyber security architecture for small businesses will involve architectural planning, designing, and structuring an organization’s venture in such a manner that any potential dangers emanating from cyberspace can be systematically addressed.

Cyber security architecture for small businesses comes with different challenges than for large businesses. Small businesses do not have the budget, and human power to dedicate to information security. Information security needs to be built into your culture from the start.

So where do you start?

  • Start with documenting Network connected assets.
  • Create an incident response procedure.
  • Staf / User awareness and education on risk
  • Backup everything
  • Look at default or weak passwords on acccespoints or even on computers connecting to the network
  • Verify that a stable secure operating system is installed on all computers when done with this you can start looking at getting professionals to look at your infrastructure with these measures in place the price of the assessment / correction by the cyber professional will go down significantly.

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